What’s the City Council in Naperville all about?

Posted: December 15, 2016 - Blog, Press Room

Photo Credit: Daily Herald.

How local government functions can sometimes be a bit of a mystery, because each community is unique.

In Naperville, we have a non-partisan form of city government, made up of eight City Council members, plus the Mayor. Naperville City Council represents the entire community (unlike some cities with defined districts or wards). Members of Naperville City Council represent the interests of the whole city, placing no emphasis on one neighborhood over another.

Naperville City Council candidates are elected to four-year terms, with four seats up for grabs every two years. The Mayor is also elected to four year terms, and Mayor Steve Chirico will be up for re-election in 2019. Naperville City Councilmen and women are limited to two four-year terms, as is the office of the mayor.

Naperville City Council’s primary role is to set City Policy and approve City Budgets.

Key services provided by the City:

The current Naperville City Council, with motions by Councilman Kevin Coyne and supported by each member, has reduced the city-portion of the tax levy (real estate tax) in each of the past two years, driving forward the most-efficient City government.

The City of Naperville and Naperville City Council are your resident advocates (Councilmen and women are, after all, Naperville residents). They look out for ways to trim waste, improve efficiency in government and provide outstanding city services, including leaf collection services, and extremely responsive snow and ice removal.

What’s the largest line-item on your real estate tax bill? School district taxes. While sometimes more visible in the community, Naperville City Council has nothing to do with that largest line-item: our award-winning school districts, each of which has its own set of elected officials, boards and independent taxing authority. To learn more about your School District property tax bill, refer to your local school district website.

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