About Kevin’s Positions

familyI am a Husband and the Father of a First Grader. I am completely invested in the long-term success of our City. As your Councilman, I look for long-term solutions to the questions before us. I am very optimistic, and ambitious, with regard to Naperville’s future and the role that we could play for our troubled state. We need to lead and build a community strong enough, and economically diverse enough, to withstand the financial challenges that come from our place in a state that faces such serious economic headwinds. To this end, my candidacy will be built around the following principles:

moneyI am Committed to our Financial Principles. Our new council dealt with many very serious financial issues following our election. Cash reserves were low, debt load was high, bond rating agencies were voicing concern and changes simply had to be made. To that end, we agreed to a debt reduction plan that would reduce debt by 25% over the next 8 years, we agreed to disallow balancing budgets with cash reserves, and we committed finding new ways to cut the cost of government every year. In our first year since these principles were adopted, we achieved each of these items. We need to remain true to these principles in the coming years. We need to protect our AAA bond rating.

magnifying-glassI Believe in Consolidating Government Services and Sharing Costs. We need to better control the cost of government. When economies of scale can be achieved through partnering with other government entities, such opportunities need to be capitalized upon. Our staff found one such opportunity through the proposed consolidation of Naperville Township highway services into the City. This consolidation would save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. This consolidation opportunity needs to be seized upon and other opportunities need to be found.

I Will Rein in our Real Estate Tax Levy.
In my opinion, there is no more damaging tax than the real estate tax. Our high real estate taxes hinder our ability to compete, they are stifling to our real estate market, and they punish our seniors. I am fully committed to doing whatever it takes to reduce our real estate tax levy in coming years. In my first year on council, we were able to reduce our tax levy substantially. It will be my goal to make the annual reduction of our tax levy as a priority one item.

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